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My guidance for Pixie Hollow, including other fairies' opinions. Secret Codes!!!

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I am Rachel, the owner of the Wiki you are on right now. I want you to see my friend's opinions such as Penelope on fashion, Chase my brother and Olivia on art, Newt on dating, Mia and Melody my twin sisters on ingredients, and maybe some new topics!!! I would like you to come visit my page and maybe even hey, leave me message!!! I you have any questions I would love to make a Q&A page!!! My favorite server is Blueberry Gully, and my favorite place is Neverfruit Grove!!! I'm very nice so please stop by for a chat!!! For those of you who aren't members, it's ok!!! I have a neice named Lily (Newt's daughter) and she loves making new friends!!! Make sure to stop by for tea or cocoa!!

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Fly with you!!!


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